default directory

   A standard directory or set of directories used by the operating system or by an application.
   Some operating systems create several default directories when the file system is created. For example, Novell NetWare creates the following directories when the SYS volume is created:
   • SYS:SYSTEM, for the NetWare operating system files
   • SYS:PUBLIC, for utility and user programs
   • SYS:LOGIN, for programs allowing users to log in to the server
   • SYS:MAIL, a directory used by NetWarecompatible electronic-mail applications default server
   In Novell NetWare, the server that responds to the Get Nearest Server request made as a user starts the logon process. Novell Directory Services has replaced the need for the default server destination with the default context.
   See also context.

Dictionary of networking . 2014.

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